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Sometimes, a tooth needs to be removed. Reasons can range from baby teeth with long roots hindering natural shedding, extensive decay threatening adjacent teeth to concerns like infection, orthodontic corrections, or issues with wisdom teeth.

If your pediatric dentist decides that a tooth extraction is necessary, it might be done during a regular visit or scheduled separately. The extraction involves widening the tooth socket and detaching the tooth from its ligament. The process is swift, but discussing it’s any sedation preferences with your dentist is crucial to ensure your child’s comfort.

After the extraction, for the next day:

  • Avoid using straws.
  • Refrain from forceful rinsing or spitting.
  • Stick to a soft diet, avoiding foods with sharp edges like popcorn or pizza.
  • For any discomfort, administer a children’s dose of Advil® or Tylenol®.
  • For swelling, use a cold cloth or ice bag. If it persists, contact our office.