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First Visit

Our office, in conjunction with esteemed institutions like the AAP, ADA, and AAPD, emphasizes the importance of setting up a “Dental Home” for your child by their first year. This initiative ensures they benefit from regular preventive oral care.

To make the first dentist visit a positive experience, keep your child informed calmly and reassuringly. Avoiding potentially unsettling terms such as “needle” or “drill” is also beneficial. Instead, our team is trained to use language that’s both clear and child-friendly.

You’re encouraged to stay with your child during their initial dental examination. Letting them interact with our team independently in subsequent visits can help build a stronger rapport and trust.

Nonetheless, should you wish to remain by their side during treatments, you’re absolutely welcome. For everyone’s safety and privacy, we kindly ask that siblings or other kids not being treated remain in the waiting area, supervised by an adult.