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Pediatric Dentistry

Every child’s first visit to the dentist should feel like a little adventure, one without any fear. Remember, kids aren’t naturally scared of the dentist; it’s just the unfamiliarity that might make them hesitant. At our clinic, we speak the language of kids – using simple, friendly words to describe everything. From the second you and your little one walk through our doors, we’re committed to making you feel like family.

Expert Advice:

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, your little one should meet a dentist by their first birthday. This ensures those tiny teeth that pop up between six and 12 months get all the care and attention they deserve right from the start.

Fun with Teeth!

Let’s make learning fun! Dive into our ‘Dynamite Dental Fun Kit’ together.

When Tiny Teeth Say Hello:

Between six to 12 months, your child’s first teeth, often called “baby teeth,” begin their debut and continue until they’re about three. This phase can make gums a tad sensitive. A gentle rub with a clean finger, a cool cloth, or even a soft teething ring can offer some comfort. As time flies, these baby teeth will make way for permanent ones, which usually start from age six and continue until they are about 21, reaching a count of 28 (or up to 32 if you count those wisdom teeth).

Building Great Dental Habits:

Every couple of weeks, have a little peek at those new teeth to ensure they’re shining bright and spot-free. Sugary snacks can be sneaky, so let’s brush those sugar-bugs away after treat time or meals. We recommend brushing twice a day to keep those tiny teeth sparkling. Let’s introduce them to a soft brush as soon as that first tooth appears. If they’re under two, let’s use fluoride toothpaste only if a dental buddy suggests it. And, of course, show them the ropes of good brushing – make it a fun parent-child routine!

When it feels right, and with a dentist’s nod, let’s get them started on flossing. And remember, if something looks off or you have concerns, we’re just a call away.

Keeping Tooth Troubles at Bay:

Tooth decay is like a little gremlin that thrives on leftover sugars, turning them into acids. Kids, with their exploratory eating habits, are often at risk. But don’t worry; with regular brushing, flossing, and check-ups every six months, we’ll keep those gremlins at bay.

Consider fluoride treatments during your biannual visits to give those teeth some extra protection. We also suggest tooth sealants, which act as protective shields for those deep grooves in teeth. We’ll keep an eye on them during check-ups to ensure they’re doing their job right.

Our goal? To set the stage for a lifetime of radiant smiles and hearty laughs!